[Eg0_141] XtetX : Nabemono

Sortie de notre premier album « Nabemono » (en téléchargement gratuit) sur le netlabel eg0cide productions

Eg0cide Productions

XtetX is a free improvisation collective that was founded around the end of 2014. It comprises from 2 to X members depending on the occasion. After various sessions as a trio and duo, their first playing time as quartet took place in may 2015 and gave birth to the material published today on their first album Nabemono.

Don’t be mistaken by the introductory track : XtetX is not a rock band, but they’ve decided not to restrain themselves to a specific esthetic. They are able to produce catchy melodic tunes, but also storms of chaotic noise, minimal drone, and unidentified sound objects, taking advantage from the diverse backgrounds of each participant and the unpredictable results of their blending. Nabemono unveils only a small part of these possibilities…

Et pour les franciliens : ne manquez pas leur 1er concert public, le mercredi 1er juillet

Click on the picture to visit…

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